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UCR participates in a volume license agreement with Adobe Systems through the University of California and our software reseller SHI.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe offers its Creative Cloud products under the terms of their new VIP Agreement. Each department will need to establish their own unique VIP Enrollment number, with their own anniversary dates and will use their Adobe Admin Console to deploy Creative Cloud licenses. Adobe Creative Cloud is available to purchase through SHI. However, since the ordering process for Creative Cloud has a lot of components, it will not be listed on SHI. The CFO for the department will have to contact SHI at ucsystems@shi.com to order directly. 

Establish Departmental VIP Enrollment Number for Creative Cloud

The following is the basic information that SHI will need to create a Departmental VIP Enrollment number. Please contact SHI (ucsystems@shi.com) and request access to purchase under the Adobe VIP Program. Once the Departmental VIP is set up, the department can add more licenses as needed and manage the licenses through the Adobe Admin Console. 
Customer Organization name: (please include dept name, i.e. UCR CNAS Dean's Office or UCR Arts Dept)
Customer Market segment(Commercial/EDU/GOV): EDU
Customer address:
Customer Contact e-mail: (this alias will be the admin on the agreement and the only login than can initially manage/install the licenses purchased under that VIP agreement)
Customer Contact Name:
Customer Contact Phone:

After, SHI will send the department an 'Invitation Email' to join the program with a link to the Adobe Creative Cloud portal. Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions, the department will be brought to its Adobe VIP Admin Console. The "Mange Your Team" space of the console will show the department's unique VIP agreement number and anniversary date. The VIP Enrollment Number must be referenced on all Creative Cloud purchases to ensure licenses are credited to the correct admin console. The department will use the admin console to add/deploy Creative Cloud seats. 


The price is prorated based on the agreement’s anniversary date (each department will have a different anniversary date based on when the Departmental VIP has been set up). Below is the budgetary pricing per year for each Adobe Creative Cloud option for UCR. The Creative Cloud option refers to the full set of products under Creative Cloud Complete, whereas the single application option only allows for one application to be purchased. 

  • Creative Cloud Device - $165
  • Creative Cloud Named-user - $230
  • Single Application Device - $85
  • Single Application Named-user - $100

Named User License vs Device Based License

Device-Based Licenses 

Device-Based licenses are essentially standard, traditional software licenses. 

  • Licenses for each computer, rather than each user, with rights to install on one computer per license.
  • Choice of complete set of Creative Cloud applications (Adobe Creative Cloud Complete) or single-app option.
  • Licenses for individual computers and deployed via Creative Cloud Packager tool (http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/packager.html).
  • Online tools & services NOT included.
  • Available for download via the department's Admin Console only after order is processed and licenses posted to your administrative console. (Device-Based Licenses are posted within 24-48 hours after submitting PO to SHI.)
Named User Licenses

Named-User licenses are essentially standard, traditional software, PLUS integrated cloud-based storage functionality similar to that offered by Box, Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.  Use of the cloud-based storage functionality is limited.

  • Licenses for each individual user on their institutional computer with rights to install on two computers, one for work and one for home use.
  • Choice of complete set of Creative Cloud applications (Adobe Creative Cloud Complete) or single-app option.
  • Includes cloud-based storage. 

PLEASE NOTE: Use of the Creative Cloud cloud-based storage functionality is at your own risk.  For example, if your only copy of a document stored on Creative Cloud were subsequently destroyed or corrupted due to Adobe’s action or inaction, Adobe would not be required or able to correct this.

  • Available immediately for deployment via ‘Add a Seat’ function in the department's Adobe Admin Console.  An order to SHI for any Named-User Licenses deployed prior to purchasing the licenses must be received within 30 days of deploying the Named User License.


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